A brand I want to buy more from..

Recently i’ve been pretty reckless and by that I mean trying out new makeup brands. Okay, I know it’s not that reckless, but i’ve managed to step out my comfort zone by trying out brands I am not familiar with. A friend of mine always wore this specific nude shade to school and I just knew I had to buy it once she showed me the lipstick. Yes.. if you can’t already tell I decided to try the Gerard Cosmetics 1995 lipstick. It is popular in the blogging world, therefore increasing its reliability. 

So, how much was it? I got this stunning nude for just £9! I had to get it, I used Kaushal from Kaushal Beauty’s 25% off code. You can find this on her Youtube Channel in the description so go check it out to get your money off too. 

Finally, a nude that is suitable for my skin tone. You will understand my pain if you have medium/dark skin lol. If the shade wasn’t enough the formula is one of the best in fact the best i’ve ever tried. Although, it won’t beat the mac lipstick scent it definitely beats their formulas. The Gerard Cosmetics lipstick have a creamy/butter-like consistency which is perfect for application and longevity. It gives a slight matte effect as well without the dry and chapped lips part.

Just in case you wanted to see the lipstick on me here you go guys. So, I hope I won you over and you are on the verge of trying out Gerard Cosmetics because I am. I definitely want more products from this brand.

Will you be trying any of their products or do you own any products of theirs that I also need? Share your thoughts in my comments – i’d love to hear from you guys!


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