British Airways i360

British Airways i360 Cynthia Royer
A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to visit the British Airways i360. If you’re either from Brighton or live in Brighton then you would have most likely either seen it, heard about it or have already been up it. Going up the i360 is something I have been meaning to do ever since I moved to Brighton for University 2 years ago.

British Airways i360 Cynthia Royer

On the morning of our visit to the i360, my boyfriend and I  experienced a very misty ride – we were lucky to see what we did!
Before we boarded our flight, we took a few photos in front of a green screen. As soon as I stepped into the pod, I felt very calm and relaxed. Ambient music was playing in the background, the bar staff were really friendly and the overall atmosphere was just very pleasant.
As you begin to ascend, there was a staff member explaining the background details of the i360 for all the visitors that forgot to do their research – haha!
Once you’re up there you have plenty of time to look around all angles of the pod, take photos and just appreciate all of Brighton from 162m in the sky.

British Airways i360 Cynthia Royer

There is a cute little gift shop just after you come off of your i360 flight. You also get the option to purchase a picture book with filters of the i360. These are the photos that were taken before your flight. Tommy and I decided not to purchase ours as we weren’t impressed with the way we looked. If we had the option to retake the photo I would definitely reconsider the purchase of this as it was a lovely souvenir to keep. In addition to this, there was a shop full of many beautiful souvenirs that you could purchase for friends and family; however, I thought the photo book was a lot more meaningful.

British Airways i360 Cynthia Royer

What a lovely experience overall, I look forward to visiting again on a much clearer day!

Lots of love,

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