Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair

Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair Cynthia Royer
From ever since I can remember, I have always had a love-hate relationship with my hair. My hair is naturally curly and once you brush it through, it then becomes a big ball of frizz!

For a long period of my teenage years I would use heat on my hair every-single-day. I would use a hair dyer to dry my hair or straighteners to style it curly or straight. Because of this, I have caused plenty of damage to my hair, it also doesn’t help that I refuse to get regular haircuts as I don’t want my hair to get any shorter than it already is. I had a lot of trouble trying to accept the fact that the weaker strands of my hair had to be chopped off to allow the growth of new and stronger strands.

Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair Cynthia Royer

Overall, it really is no surprise why my hair has been feeling like straw lately. I have now committed my self to less-heat,  less colorant and regular hair cuts so that I can rescue and repair my hair before I have none of it left! Recently, along with this I have been trying out the Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair range to help mend my hair. My friends and family have even noticed the difference it is making to my hair as it has recently grown in length – this is a pretty rare thing for me (eeek)!

 Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair Cynthia Royer

The Rescue and Repair range is just the TLC my hair needed with the ingredients including Sea Satin and Keratrix to help strengthen my hair from the heat damage I’ve caused and to reduce any further damage from happening. In general, I have been using Grow Gorgeous products  for well over a year now and I absolutely adore the scent of their products, it leaves your hair smelling great for days. Because I already trust Grow Gorgeous as a brand my expectations were already set high for this new range and, I can confirm that I have not been let down!

Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair Cynthia Royer

Grow Gorgeous Rescue and Repair is now stocked in Boots as well as their own website and Lookfantastic!

Does your hair need some rescuing and repairing? What products do you use to help revive your hair?

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