How I got my Blogging Mojo back after completely losing it

How I got my blogging mojo back - Cynthia Royer
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Unfortunately, the old community feel has been completely wiped out, and the Instagram algorithm is the biggest bitch of them all. Although, people say it’s not about the numbers, it can be really hard not to compare your stagnation in an industry to other people’s progressions. There is so much competition for statistics nowadays that some people forget the actual enjoyment of content creating – I certainly got carried away with it all. After months of inconsistent posts across all of my social accounts I had time to think about my place in this industry and to start fresh.

I learned to care less about numbers and spend more time focusing on producing good quality content for the followers I do have, and not the followers I do not have yet. Now, i’m back and better than ever!

In this post I share my tips on how I got my blogging mojo back after completely losing it.

Take a Break…

As I mentioned earlier, it took me months of inconsistent posts to decide if I was ready to start blogging again. Take as much time as you need, there is no right amount of time. Avoid posting content for the sake of posting anything and everything because it’s really pointless if you want growth from your account in the long-term. One of the main things that I’ve learnt is that consistency is your key. Your followers will be loyal to you as long as you are loyal to them!

Declutter your Instagram Feed

Make sure you’re following accounts that you truly love and engage with. There is no point in cluttering up you feed with posts that don’t even appeal to you. Unfollowing these accounts will enable you to refresh your feed and it actually work properly this time (as we all know that the Instagram algorithm does it’s own thing usually).

How I got my blogging mojo back - Cynthia Royer
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Re-evaluate Everything

Remember why you started. Remember why you stopped. Discuss with yourself or somebody else that you are close to what your next step is going to be. I questioned everything and I’m so thankful I did. I didn’t know what my niché was for a while. At first, I was inspired by other bloggers, but in the end I aspired to be like them – I completely lost myself! The answers were all in front of me, I was trying to be something I wasn’t and I felt weird doing it too. I just knew it wasn’t right for me, colour is not my thing. If I liked a top and it came in all of the colours of the rainbow, I’d still choose black – that’s just my style!

Block The Haters


Block the haters, see ya laters! Just block them from all of your social media accounts. It literally is as simple as that. When I first started my YouTube channel and blog back in School I got a lot of shit from it. It was an awful feeling because I enjoyed my hobby so much, but some inconsiderate people got in the way and saw an opportunity to make fun of it all. I don’t care what those people think anymore because I am no longer at school and have now learnt that their opinion doesn’t matter at all. If you are going through a similar situation, then just block these people. One day you won’t give a shit, I promise.

How I got my blogging mojo back - Cynthia Royer

Be true to yourself and stay consistent. If you need someone to talk and re-evaluate everything with then feel free to drop me a dm on any of my socials hunnies!

Keep doing you, you’ve got this!

Lots of love,

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Hey there! My name is Cynthia, a 21-year old Accounting and Finance student based in Kent, England. I blog about all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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