If you’re travelling, you need this – this works!

Recently, I have been in Beijing, China for the past weeks completing my 1-month summer internship. For some reason, my sub-conscience knew I would have struggle sleeping on the other side of the world. I used the £15 voucher I had from Feelunique to purchase something I have never tried before – This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. I have seen so many bloggers talk about this product and found the whole concept pretty interesting in general.

Getting to sleep is easier for some more than others. I love sleeping, so usually, I can turn over and fall asleep almost immediately. However, being in a foreign environment where my close family and friends are on the other side of the world has been pretty challenging for me. Being in Beijing can be an emotional rollercoaster for westerners. The cutlery is different, everytime you cross the road you fear for your own life, skyscrapers are everywhere you look, there is a large time difference, most days are very hot and polluted and barely anybody can speak fluent English. It is a lot to take in for anybody at any given period of time.

Due to everything that I’ve mentioned above lately, I have become extremely anxious in this environment and bedtime has not been as peaceful as it usually is for myself. The first time I used the pillow spray was on the plane journey here and it actually helped me sleep the majority of the journey (despite the lack of legroom).

Whenever I feel the slightest bit of struggle when going to sleep I would usually spritz the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray at least 3 times onto my pillow. It has a very strong lavender scent which is already well-known for inducing sleep. FYI if you dislike the scent of lavender, then this product probably isn’t for you. In a study, 78% of people experienced deeper sleep and 80% noticed that they were less tired in the mornings. So far I have been experiencing the same results. I feel a lot less anxious when falling asleep and often it helps get me to sleep a lot faster too!

What products/remedies do you use to help put you to sleep?

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