Is fake tanning for everybody?

When I was younger all of my friends would fake tan and I would feel a little bit left out. I knew that I didn’t need my skin to be any darker as it was already a lovely colour, but I wanted to try it out and see if it would do me any favors. So I did, my skin went a shade or two darker; however, at the same time my skin was left glowing and all of my mosquito bite scars were blurred out – I loved this stuff.  
There seems to be an ongoing stigma around that it is looked down upon when someone with a naturally tanned complexion decides to fake tan. I myself am naturally gifted with tanned skin and do use fake tan occasionally. Fake tanning is not only used for darkening the colour of your skin; but comes with many other benefits such as evening skin tone, hiding scars, sculpting your figure, adding a glow to your skin, maintaining a current tan and much more. That is exactly why I believe that fake tanning can be used by absolutely anyone and everyone due to the long list of benefits it has for us. The generation we live in today has been the most accepting of them yet, more and more people are being accepted for who they want to be and do, so surely this is something that should be openly accepted too, right?

Vita Liberata were kind enough to send me over a box of goodies to try out. The motto of the box was to prep, protect and maintain your Summer skin. There was a product for each stage of the vacation: Pre-Vacay, On-Vacay and Post-Vacay. 

The first product was the Fabulous Self Tanning Tinted Lotion (£19.50). I absolutely loved this product, it was easy to blend and dried instantaneously. You leave this product on for up to 8 hours and then rinse it off, I found that leaving this product on longer will not deepen your tan. On the other hand, this product worked wonders by leaving me with a natural, long-lasting, sun-kissed glow and whats even better is that it didn’t leave me ponging like: digestive biscuits, curry or smelly socks or whatever you like to compare the usual fake tan stench to, haha!

The second product was the Marula Self Tan Dry Oil (£39.00), this product includes an SPF 50 which is great when it comes to protecting your skin from the sun. In addition to that, this product contains something that I have never heard of before – Marula Oil. This oil is four times more hydrating than Argan Oil, it includes Organic ingredients that: calm, tone, tighten, firm and moisturise the skin. Yet again there was no horrible fake tan smell, this product left me smelling fresh of lemon grass.

The last product was the Fabulous Self Tanning Gradual Lotion (£15.00). If you need to top up on your tan then this is the quick fix you have been looking for. After applying this lotion on in the morning and wearing a white dress on that same night out I can vouch that this product will not transfer onto your clothes, but will leave your skin feeling nourished and conditioned. 
In addition to the above, the set I received includes a Self Tanning Mitt (£4.00). Similar to many other tanning mitts, although it did do a good job of keeping as much tan as possible from leaking through and getting onto my hands. Admit it no one likes fake tanned palms, do they? If you are looking for an amazing tanning mitt then I would recommend this one from Bronzie (click here). It has the design of an oven glove so you can get your back when no one is around to help.
Everything about the Vita Liberata range is luxurious, from the ingredients to the packaging of the products – you really do get your moneys worth with this brand. 

What are your opinions on fake tanning, is it for everyone? 


Hey there! My name is Cynthia, a 21-year old Accounting and Finance student based in Kent, England. I blog about all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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