Look Fantastic Beauty In Wonderland Review December 2017

It’s beginning to feel alot like Christmas, especially since the Decemeber #LFBEAUTYBOX arrived at my door earlier this week. Most have you have probably seen the Beauty In Wonderland Advent Calendar which is now unfortunatley sold out due to high demand. Nonetheless, this month’s subscription box is a follow up on the Beauty In Wonderland theme for a fraction of the price!

In each of the subscription boxes you get over £40 worth of products inside for as cheap as £13 a month. I decided to put this to the test and do some calculations to work out if this was true. I took the full sized prices of the products, then divided them accordingly to the various sizes of the products in the boxes and worked out the actual value of the individual prices in the box. Obviously, this isn’t 100% accurate because price deals vary dependant on the size of a product; however, this is just a rough estimate to see if you are actually getting more than your moneys worth. I will show the calculations throughout the post so you can see exactly where I am coming from.

As always you get a complimentary Elle Magazine which retails for £4.00 in stores and the monthly Beauty Box magazine.

The first product inside the box is a limited edition collaboration with lookfantastic and Bubble T. It is a full-sized blueberry tea bath fizzer. I absoloutley love the Lush bath bombs, so I am very excited out a new brand (even though I shouldn’t be using them because of my Ezcema, haha!). I found the Bubble T Bath Fizzers on the lookfantastic website retailing at £3.00 (I am assuming this product would be worth the equivalent).

Next up is another full-sized product! It is a nude lipstick from the brand MDMflow in the shade ‘Bossy’. I have never heard of this brand before. But, this is a good thing because the beauty boxes introduce you to brands that you have never heard of before. The lipstick has a semi-matte finish making the application process smooth and easy. It is a versatile lipstick which is designed to suit all skin tones (i’m a big fan of that!). Ths lipstick retails at £15.00 on the MDMflow website.

Then we have the Polaar Genuine Lapland Hand Cream. I have heard great stuff about the brand Polaar before so my expectations were high. Truthfully, it is a lovely little product with a subtle scent of arctic berries extract. The full-sized (75ml) product retails for £14.14 on the lookfantastic website. The box includes a 25ml sample which is a great size! Calculations: 75ml/25ml=3 —-> £14.14/3=£4.71 – making this sized product worth £4.71.

This months beauty box has completely kitted us out in terms of skin-care. We have an exfoliation foaming cleanser from a brand called Suki. The product itself smells like a divine lemon drizzle cake and leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The full-sized product of 30ml retails at £11.50 on the John and Ginger website. The box includes a 7.5ml sample. Calculations: 30ml/7.5ml=4 —-> £11.50/4= £2.88 – making this sized product worth £2.88.

Next we have a Hydra-Activ Smart Nutrient Day Cream from Figs and Rouge. This cream aims to smooth skin and reduce fine lines. It leaves a lovely scent which I can’t describe – trust me whatever it is, it’s nice! The full-sized product retails at £28.00 on the feelunique.com website. Calculations: 50ml/20ml=2.5 —-> £28.00/2.5=£11.20 – making this sized product worth £11.20.

The last product in this month’s beauty box is a sample of the Gatineau Melatogenine Probiotics Anti-Ageing Serum. I have  used Gatineau products before; but, I have never used a serum before. One pump is enough for the whole face as the serum has a smooth and light texture. I am excited to continue using this product.    Calculations: 30ml/5ml=6 —-> £70/6=£11.66 – making this sized product worth £11.66.

This month, lookfantastic have given us all a little christmas present. Inside every box there is a little post card with a £5 off voucher code AND there is no minimum spend!

Overall, the contents of the box totalled up to £57.45 including the £5 voucher code confirming that the #LFBEAUTYBOX offers more than your moneys worth inside the box. 

So, if you have been umming and ahhing about trying out the monthly subscription boxes then I would suggest making this months beauty box your first. As you can see from the calculations throughout the blog post you are definately getting more than your moneys worth from the #LFBEAUTYBOX. PLUS you get an additional £5 off code which is great for those of you who are not entitled to student discount throughout the year.

Lots of love,


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