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So, last Friday I was invited to the Look Fantastic HQ up in Manchester. Look Fantastic is an online beauty boutique heaven, they a renowned for their monthly beauty boxes featuring a range of beauty treats. As a student I am very poor; However, I still love to try out new products regularly. If you can relate to me then get yourself logged into NUS or myunidays.com and treat yourself with student discount! Anyway, I was shortlisted out of 1000 contestants down to 25. Can you believe it? I certainly couldn’t, my video quality that I submitted was awful. I used my soft boxes and DSLR but the file of the videos was too big to upload in time. I then had to play the video off my laptop whilst filming it on my phone, what a palaver.

I had never been up north before so the journey up there was a bit daunting, I took a 4 hour train journey from Brighton. Has anyone else noticed that when you look out the window sometimes you will be on a slight angle of the world? This really didn’t help with my travel sickness. 🙁 Luckily, I met up with some of the lovely girls on the train which kept me distracted from getting ill. Little did we know we were all sat very near each other. 

When we got there, we was greeted by the lovely Emma from the Look Fantastic team who showed us our lavish car for the journey to the HQ. I’m not joking I felt like an actual VIP, the driver took my luggage for me and everything. As you can tell, I am really not used to this sort of exciting blogger experience. We had Sky, PS4, heated seats, chocolate – you name it.

The Look Fantastic team did an incredible job of making us feel very welcomed as I was very nervous before I got there. We had the choice to get our nails, hair and makeup done as well. Cloud 9 did some gorgeous curls on me and High Definition Beauty made my makeup look on point! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to get my nails done because it was time for my audition. 

High Definition Beauty

This is Graham Reid organising his lovely flat lay. 
Here is my first attempt at the flat lay challenge. I like it but it wasn’t Simple enough for me! 
I decided to keep it simple here at Simple Synth and changed my flat lay completely. I love it, do you?

I got taken through to the studio and it was crazy huge, I did my filming first. Now, when I said the team made me feel welcomed I mean like all of them: the management, videographers, photographers etc – they were all fab! Heres little me going from filming in the comfort of my home with no one behind the camera and only me in front of it. I must admit I felt a little bit out of my comfort zone at first; but because of how genuinely lovely everyone was it helped me to embrace the experience and enjoy it. The only photoshoot i’ve ever experienced would probably be the school photographs – yeah those ones. Let me tell you this wasn’t a school photo. We had music, we had lights, we had a great time!

First stop in the Look Fantastic Throne was filming with Nathan!
Second stop was the photoshoot with Louie!

At the end of the day we got some lovely goodies from the team to try out. So, what happens next? Well… I’m not too sure yet! All I can say for now is I had a whale of a time meeting gorgeous down to earth girls and guys and talking all things beauty for the day – it was fantastic! Stay tuned to find out what happens next either through my Twitter or Instagram feeds.

Thank you so much for reading,

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