Miller Harris Scherzo

Miller Harris Scherzo Cynthia Royer Blog Review 3

Miller Harris Scherzo is one of a pair of fragrances, inspired by a passage of text in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. Miller Harris’ Scherzo is the recreation of the “pink fluffy clouds” and “sugar flowers in a confectioner’s window” from the text. Might first impressions when testing the perfume was that it had a scent that was not what you would typically link with the text. In fact, it has so much more depth to it.

Miller Harris Scherzo Cynthia Royer Blog Review 3

The ingredients have been really well put together and you can tell that a lot of time has gone into making the perfume have a specific blend and contrast that feels more like a transition. This perfume is undoubtedly luxurious.

Miller Harris Scherzo Cynthia Royer Blog Review 3

So, what are the notes of the perfume?

For those readers who are not aware of notes within the perfume, there are a total of three ingredients that are combined in order to make a perfume. These include top notes, heart notes and base notes. Top notes are the initial notes you smell when you try on a fragrance, they are fresh and often fruity. Once the top notes fade, you begin to smell the heart notes which are usually florally. They last longer than the heart notes but less than the base notes. The base notes are the ones you remember the most as they last the longest out of all three of the notes.

Miller Harris Scherzo Cynthia Royer Blog Review 3

Miller Harris Scherzo’s top notes include Tangerine and Davana.

The heart notes include Olibanum, Narcissus, Pittosporum and Dark Rose

Last but not least, the base notes are a combination of Patchouli, Vanilla, Oudh and Sweet Note

The thing that makes me so attracted to this fragrance is how such a feminine scent has such a masculine depth to it. In a nutshell, it is certainly the fragrance that leaves you wanting more.

Miller Harris Scherzo Cynthia Royer Blog Review 3


This fragrance is available to reserve and collect from World Duty Free stores.

Have you ever tried any Miller Harris fragrances?

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