Personal Styling Service at John Lewis

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

Did you know that John Lewis offers a complimentary personal styling service? Well, neither did I or 87% of the people that voted on my Instagram poll. John Lewis’ Personal Stylists offer 5 free services including: Holiday, Wardrobe Refresh, Workwear, Special Occasion and Perfect Pair of Jeans.

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

Last weekend I was invited by the John Lewis team to try out their Personal Styling Service at my nearest John Lewis store in Bluewater, Greenhithe. In general, I always assumed that personal shopping/personal styling was more of a luxury; However, little did I know that the service was completely free and accessible for everybody and anybody!

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

On arrival, I was greeted by my lovely stylists ShaneSeran and a complimentary glass of Prosecco – oooohh! I was allowed to bring my boyfriend (Tommy) in with me which was really handy when I needed an honest second opinion. We were then taken into the beautifully decorated dressing room.

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

Prior to my appointment I had given the stylists some details based on my dress size, fashion likes and dislikes to give the stylists an overview on what clothes they would select for me on the day. There was a rail full of clothes which they discussed in-depth with me. I was then asked what my favorite pieces were and if I wanted them to try them on or look for anything else.

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

I had a 2 hour appointment, which was plenty of time for me to find the perfect party dress for the festive season. The stylists also picked out various shoes and accessories that would match the outfits they selected for me. This was really useful as I was able to envision what the full look of the outfits would be. The stylists were super friendly and understanding throughout the whole service.

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

I was then booked in for a well-needed complimentary bra fitting. I knew that I was in need of some new bras; However, I was not aware that I was wearing 3 cup sizes too small for me – whoops!!! I was shown a range of styles and found out that I preferred the way side-support bras made my breasts look.

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

After my bra fitting, I had my makeup done at Tom Ford. I had never tried any of their makeup products before, but heard that they were amazing. I wouldn’t usually use a bright blush but I was amazed by the results. I also loved the nude lipstick in the shade ‘Wicked Ways’ – this is definitely on my wishlist now!

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

So, what are the perks of Personal Styling?

– A wide selection of fashion pieces including: tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, bags, accessories and more are chosen by your stylists to suit your fashion interests.

– You can try on an endless amount of clothes, unlike ordinary changing rooms where you limited to a certain amount that you can take in and try at one time.

– The dressing room is so spacious that you could even bring somebody along with you to get a second opinion!

– At the end of the styling service you don’t feel obliged to purchase anything!

– It makes a great day out shopping and a perfect gift! You could potentially book someone in for a complimentary styling session with a gift voucher that they could spend in-store.

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer

What did you get?

Reiss Dress Mosaic Twist Dress*

I tried this dress on 3 separate times, as soon as I saw it I was in love! I hadn’t felt so comfortable in a dress in such a long time. It really compliments my figure and it is a timeless piece I can time and time again. I love having pieces in my wardrobe that are versatile and that can be reworn. This dress definitely ticks those boxes as it is something I can wear now during the party season, at my graduation, at the races and so much more!

Freya Bra Starlight Balcony Bra* 

Wearing a bra 3 cup sizes too small? Of course I purchased a new bra! I loved this lace style balcony bra from Freya. The Freya range offers style and comfort. What’s more is that this bra had side-support, which was my favorite type.

Fantasie Jacqueline Lace Underwired Side Support Bra*

I couldn’t just get one for now, so I got two! Fantasie is another brand that focuses on the comfort and support of their customers. I usually hate lace bras as the ones I have previously worn have been extremely uncomfortable. However, I think I’ve been swayed!

Personal Styling at John Lewis | Cynthia Royer


Have you ever tried the John Lewis Personal Styling Service? 

Thank you for reading and a massive thank you to Shane, Seran and the John Lewis team for an amazing day!

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