Time Management with ADEXE London

Cynthia Royer ADEXE Watch Time Management

“There’s not enough time in the day”

“The time has flown by”

“Where has the time gone?”

These are all phrases we use as excuses for not having enough time in our days.
Everybody has the same amount of time to start off with. Various factors then
contribute to our lifestyles such as: work, studying or being a parent. What is
important is how we manage our spare time to get the most out of our time.

Cynthia Royer ADEXE Watch Time Management

Management is a skill that many employers look for when hiring. It is a skill
that not many people have naturally. However, it is a skill that we can all
work towards. In this blog post I will share a few tips on how I approach time
management and get more things done!

Cynthia Royer ADEXE Watch Time Management

Plan ahead

That’s right. Get a calendar, make a check-list, and make it clear
what things you must get done. It is important to understand that time spent
planning has a lot of value. One of the worst things you can do is jump into
your day with no clear idea of what needs to get done. Without a plan of some
sort, you will lose time. You can plan a week in advance, a day before or even
on the day.

Stop letting FOMO get in the way

Learn how to say no to certain things. We tend to use the phrase
‘Fear of Missing Out’ as an excuse. Set your priorities and do what is right
for you. Let’s face it we have time, but it’s limited. So, use your time wisely
in order to achieve your goals. The more you say no to unnecessary things, it
will become easier to steer clear from FOMO being in your way.

Having a watch on your wrist

Having a watch on my wrist is one of the easiest ways I can keep a
track of my time. No matter where I am or where I go, I can always tell you
what time it is.

Cynthia Royer ADEXE Watch Time Management

The watch which has been glued to my wrist lately is one from the brand ADEXE.
I was so fortunate that the lovely Maria at ADEXE allowed
me to pick out a watch from their beautiful and timeless collection. With much excitement, I came to my
decision and chose the THEY
Grande Black and Rose Gold Watch

I chose this watch because of its practicality. The dials indicate the day
of the week, the date of the week and each second that goes by. I mean, you can
really keep a great track of time with this watch!

This style is both
suitable for Male and Female. The rose gold detail adds a more feminine appeal
to what is quite naturally a masculine watch. I was worried the watch wouldn’t
suit me because I am petite; However, I think it’s more to do with how you
style this watch.

Cynthia Royer ADEXE Watch Time Management

Check out the ADEXE collection here and use my discount
code ‘CYNTHIA15’ for 15% off the whole
website. You also get FREE International Shipping!

Do you have and Time Management tips?

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