Topshop: The Airbrush Primer Review

Topshop The Air Brush Primer Review Blog Post Simple Synth

Hey guys and Happy Easter! Are you ready for some great news? Well, my camera has finally came after a million years hence why the image quality looks a lot better in comparison to my previous posts. I am still working out how to use the best settings for my camera. So, I have an interesting review for you lot today and if you can’t already tell by the title it’s a new release from Topshop’s makeup release and it is ‘The Airbrush Primer’. There is also a Colour Correcting primer but I decided that the Airbrush primer was more appealing in my eyes.

The primer is at a reasonable price of £12.00.

The packaging is very simplistic yet very flattering at the same time. This primer has a lovely transparent gel/silicone like formula. It is smooth and glides onto your skin when applying it. You get 30ml which is really good as you do get your moneys worth for this product. I wouldn’t say it was brilliant for covering up the appearance of pores. But, it works really well for keeping your makeup on throughout the day. When I use this primer I do not need to top up my makeup throughout the day which is great as I can save my makeup and time! So far I have been absolutely loving this primer, I would recommend you guys to invest in this primer as it is long lasting and you get so much product which is great. If you’re looking at minimising your pores then I wouldn’t recommend this primer as it has done a lot for me in that respect. However, it acts as a great canvas for my face products.

Have any of you guys tried this primer?

Have a lovely Easter guys!

Simple Synth xo


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