What I learnt in 2014

What I learnt in 2014..

This is my view before the fireworks on New Years Ever at  Waterloo Bridge.

Hiya guys, I am back and Happy New Year to you all! Firstly, I would just like to apologise for my absence as I have been very busy this past month with school I had not been able to post any new blogs. To welcome the new year I would like to start off with what I have learnt from 2014 and how I am going to use this in 2015 and make it a better year. There has been a lot of changes for me in the past year and from that there has been a lot of things that I have learnt from them as well that I would like to share with you.

Things do getter better..

I have had a lot of down points throughout my year such as: arguing with friends, friendship groups falling apart, depression, family issues and also problems at school. It got to the part where mostly everything in my life was negative and I couldn’t handle it any longer. You need to stay strong and talk to someone about it all. A good listener and someone who can give you advice. Don’t ever let someone think of your problems as small as they are big to you. Having slowly fixing things I also learnt that some things were better unresolved. A friendship between me and my 3 best friends who had fallen apart for several reasons. After several attempts of trying to keep things together I soon realised it wasn’t worth getting down about anymore. Especially at a young age, I mean you meet way more peopler later on in life, don’t you? However, by the end of the year I felt a lot happier by make sure I was busy and with people to ensure I didn’t think a lot. Overthinking is definitely something I had to avoid in order to fix myself. Therefore I got a job, went out more and did things that I enjoyed such as: watching youtube, reading blogs and spending time with my boyfriend.

There isn’t time for everything..

I have learnt that there is not enough hours in a day to fit everything I need and want to do. I have noticed that from the beginning of last year to this year I find myself more unsociable than I already was. Due to moving from GCSES to A levels my workload has changed in a very unreasonable amount. It didn’t help that I decided to do 4 A levels and those being very hard A levels. However, I’m still standing yeah yeah yeah! Anyway what I was trying to say was you won’t see your friends as much, you will not go out as much and you won’t have time to take a new selfie daily to upload to Instagram. This doesn’t mean that your friends are no longer your friends if you’re not with them every second of the day because life changes and there just isn’t time to worry about social lives and you will then realise that everyone is in the same boat as you. By fitting new things in such as jobs that will then result in less time for other things so I have definitely learnt to use my time wisely. I remember complaining to my friends last year about my unplucked eyebrows I was that busy I allowed myself to grow a monobrow. Thankfully I have resolved this issue and now made time for this, hahaha! Instead spread things out throughout the week as there really isn’t enough hours in a day.

Don’t waste time..

The last thing that I have learnt from 2014 is not to waste time. A lot of my year I wasted by having too many lazy days having nothing to do but stay inside and in bed all day eating chocolate. I mean we all love a lazy day but it does get boring when they turn into lazy days. Whenever we say we have nothing to do we are lying to ourselves there is always something to do whether it is: revision, essays or chores they still count as something on the to do list. I like to keep myself busy otherwise I find myself even more stressed when I don’t do anything. Therefore I decided I needed to get a job, this way I would earn money, experience and most importantly keep myself busy. Another thing I did to prevent wasting time was getting up extra early on half terms to do revision – the hard work was definitely worth the result!

I hope you readers have learnt something from reading this blog 🙂

Thank you for reading,

Simple Synth xo


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