Why We Really Want It

So, today I was looking at a few of my recent purchases and noticed there was some sort of pattern going on. Everything I bought looked very similar. How bizarre. Did I actually want the product itself or the packaging? I’m still trying to figure this out now, haha! But, everything is rose gold and black. Am I buying these expensive products for the packaging or do I generally need/want the product. This may be something you could start to think about too.

Do you really need all of these products? Especially the Real Techniques Bold Metal Brush as it is a bit on the pricey side. Have you ever wanted a flat contour brush before seeing this one? Probably not (let’s be honest). It’s an odd shape and a powder brush will pretty much do the same thing. It’s a very pretty looking brush which is £22 and does the same thing as your powder brush.

Makeup Revolution on the other hand is no splurging, their prices are so freaking good and so are their products! But before this palette I had a minimum interest in blushers. I was contemplating getting the Naked Flushed palette but stumbled along this rose gold winner. The simplicity of the products packaging is what got me attached to this palette. It looks great in pictures! But, have I actually worn the product itself of spent £6 just to admire it’s beautiful packaging.

You could walk into Chanel only to browse because you don’t have that sort of money. However, a few minutes later you somehow manage to find the money to purchase one of their bronzing bases because of that lovely black and rose gold packaging it has. You will walk out of the shop with £32 less thinking, what even is a bronzing base? Haven’t you got a bronzing powder at home already that does all the same contouring stuff, if not better.

Finally, to end with I would just like to apologise for all of my ramblings above. If you guys didn’t get where I was coming from, I was implicating that we buy products for their packaging and it will usually be something with a hint of rose gold. Let’s face it we are still obsessed with rose gold and will buy anything with rose gold on it. I need to take the time to think whether I actually need the product before I buy it. Not because it will look good in a blog picture or because the packaging has a hint of rose gold on it.

So, what about you guys? Do you need to do the same?

I would also like to apologise for my lack of posts as I have my AS exams starting next week. Someone save me? 

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