Recently I haven’t been able to treat myself for awhile; so, I decided to make a wish list of all of the stuff I keep on seeing but have prevented myself from purchasing. You see the current dilemma is that I am trying to save up for a car all on my own and well i’m half way there I guess. In the meantime I have built up a small collage of images of the beauty items and accessories that I am patiently waiting to buy. With my birthday coming up next month, i’m hoping I can get a few of these things ticked off my wish list.

As you can probably tell from the images a lot of the things I have got on here are quite upmarket and that is because I feel as if I need to upgrade a little. As I am turning 18 next month I think that this entitles me to have a big splurge and own things a bit more luxurious. By no means am I rich in anyway and if I do go and make purchases on these products I am not showing off either, these are things that I hope to save up for with my own money and there is a lot more of this stuff which is more expensive. So, initially I believe that I have made some smart choices.

The first thing that is on my wish list is Prada Sunglasses. I think it’s about time that I invest into some designer sunglasses which are real instead of those fake RayBans that everyone bought in Spain and Greece for a few euros and pretending we looked great. I must admit I am pretty rubbish with looking after my sunglasses; however, I think them being a lot more on the pricier side I will value this accessory a bit more. In addition to this, I believe that these sunglasses are great for any outfit with the elegant cat eye in the shade black they will go with absolutely everything no doubt.

The next thing on my wish list is the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag. Now this bag is a game changer completely. I have never owned a designer handbag and if I were to get my first one it would definitely be this one. Again, it is Black so I am playing it very safe as it would be a big purchase it would need to suit all of my outfits. What really won me over with this bag and not any other bucket bag is the red interior. It is almost impossible to find a bag identical to this with a red interior and to be honest even if I do find one it does no way beat the way this bag looks – it kind of reminds me of a Louboutin.

Now skincare is something I absolutely suck at and should probably stick to more often. That is why I have added the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel to my wish list as well. With a lot of good reviews and recommendations I just think it’s my time to try it out now.

Rosefield watches are something that popped up on my Facebook timeline and I was immediately interested in. I am stuck between getting another Olivia Burton watch; however, in silver with a black face or this one. At the moment, I really want to try out something new, i’m not a massive fan of gold jewellery or jewellery in general so if I were to pick myself up a new watch it would definitely be silver.

I’m still at that stage where the only brushes I own are Real Techniques, I think it is time that I take a new venture and try out the Zoeva brushes. They look so picturesque and I have heard a lot of good things about these brushes so that brand sounds promising. The Rose Gold collection is the one that stands out the most to me.

Charlotte Tilbury is an amazing makeup artist and i’m hoping that her products are too. I was in Selfridges not to long ago and was very close to picking up the magic foundation; therefore, I have put it on my wish list not because the packaging is pretty but because I wanted to try out her makeup and I thought the foundation would be a great place to start.

Lastly, Marc Jacobs Decadence. Everything from the scent, to the bottle design to the longevity that the fragrance stays on is just brilliant. Sadly, it is a very pricey perfume – which I am willing to invest in but just not now. 

So there was just a few things that I have on my wish list at the moment. 

What is on yours?


Hey there! My name is Cynthia, a 21-year old Accounting and Finance student based in Kent, England. I blog about all things Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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